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5 Key Recruitment Trends for 2022

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5 Key Recruitment Trends to expect in 2022

Since early 2020 we have endured so much change and uncertainty, however, organisations and individuals have adapted. As we begin to embrace the ‘new normal’ we have seen a shift in employees, their wants, their needs, and their expectations. 2022 will bring a new set of challenges, not just in attracting great candidates, but also in keeping great employees. Get one step ahead and continue reading our recruitment trends for 2022:

Candidate driven market: The job market has bounced back and as a result, there is a shortage of candidates, particularly in niche skill areas. With more options available, candidates are being selective in the roles and organisations they apply and interview for. When candidates are engaged with a hiring process, it is more important than ever to offer them a great candidate experience. As much as a candidate is selling themselves and their skillset during an interview, hiring managers also need to sell the organisation and plan to pre-close strong candidates during the interview. Over the last 12 months, we have seen candidates move very quickly, with engaged candidates receiving multiple offers and even counteroffers. Keep processes tight and moving quickly to ensure your ideal candidate doesn’t get snapped up.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) emphasis: With a focus on work/life balance, emphasis has been moved from salaries and complimentary canteens to flexible hours and remote/ hybrid policies. Fully stocked snack bars and gym memberships are great, but employees expect more, especially when they are not attending an office or physical workplace. Throughout the previous two years, many companies have begun rolling out remote perks including mental health days, flexible hours, care packages, zoom team-building activities and more.

Company Cultures: Candidates are not just selective on the roles they want to apply for, but also the organisations they want to work for. Employees want to see their organisations as a leader in their communities, especially when it comes to social issues such as climate change, equality, and inclusion.

Retention Strategies: Whether they are actively looking for a new opportunity or not, your employees are being contacted by recruiters, especially those with niche skills. Organisations are going to have to focus on retention strategies such as building employee engagement, creating a great onboarding experience, providing development opportunities, and preventing burnout.

Longer notice periods are not just for C-Suite and senior hires: With high-demand roles we are seeing an increase in notice periods, meaning employers need to plan strategically for growth. Engaging with a recruitment agency can empower employers to plan hires throughout 2022 in advance, ensuring critical hires are addressed.

Although the year ahead will provide challenges, understanding effective recruitment trends and strategies can provide a considerable edge over your competition.
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