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The Importance of Celebrating Wins

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The importance of Celebrating Wins

As we enter the new year, I feel now is a great time to look back on the last year and acknowledge and celebrate the wins. For us, there have been moments of engagement, personal development, and growth and that has further evolved the Fortis journey we are all on.

At Fortis Recruitment, celebration is embedded throughout our culture, with gratitude and acknowledgement present in all forms of our team communication.

  • On a day-to-day basis, we communicate through a group chat on Teams. Any good news or updates are shared on this channel and are usually followed but celebratory gifs and clapping emojis from the team. The importance of momentum in sales should never be underestimated. Success breeds confidence and confidence brings results.
  • Our weekly meetings are a place where updates and progress are shared, and an opportunity for everyone in the business to listen and offer advice and support to one another. Most importantly we talk through the steps that have brought them to this success, and some of the challenges that were faced. The challenges faced are important as sometimes these are the blocks to success and learning, so a culture of openness and trust allows these roadblocks to be removed
  • At the end of each Month and Quarter, we review our activity and celebrate key victories in a more formal setting. These victories are not always linked to targets, it ranges from dealing with a niche role, introducing a new client to the business or someone who has gone above and beyond for the business.
  • We recently introduced an Employee of the Month program, and the nominations are not target or KPI focused, they highlight team members living by our values and enhancing our culture. Things that are intrinsically linked to the success of our business and values that must be protected at all costs.
  • Our neighbours may not love it, our office features a large bell which gets loudly rung every time a recruiter has placed a candidate in a new job, and everyone in the office gets involved in cheering along.

In our culture, we drive each member to be each other’s cheerleaders, friends, fans and mentors. It is not down to only managers or leaders in the business to call out and celebrate achievements, it is important every single person in the business acknowledges each other’s hard work and effort.

Unfortunately, it can’t be all dancing gifs and ringing bells, there are of course losses. An equally important aspect of our culture is ensuring this is a safe place where people are not afraid to fail. Mistakes happen and learnings come from them, by sharing the learnings from that mistake we lessen the likelihood of repeating it. This has also helped us develop a culture where individuals are not afraid to raise their hands and ask for help, as a result, they will be met with the full support of our team.

However we know we are a constant work in progress as a business, don’t plan on doing everything right and we don’t hold ourselves to impossibly high standards either, we make mistakes, learn from them, stay ambitious, do the right thing and ultimately enjoy how we work, who we work with and the purpose we share in helping both candidates and customers with their objectives

Our motto is:

UBUNTU – “I am because of who we are” and for us its special to be a part of a team that values everyone’s contribution

We are always on the lookout for great people to join our growing business. Learn more about Life at Fortis here. 


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