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Unlocking Opportunities: Fortis Recruitment's Commitment to Candidate Success

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Unlocking Opportunities: Fortis Recruitment's Commitment to Candidate Success

Did you know that 100% of surveyed candidates* would recommend Fortis Recruitment to their friends or colleagues? It's a statistic we take immense pride in, but our commitment to enhancing candidate experiences is an ongoing journey. Our team of expert recruiters are devoted to moulding outstanding careers and fostering meaningful connections between skilled professionals and flourishing organisations.

Guided by values of Trust, Honest Conversations, and Respect, we prioritize the unique needs of every job seeker we collaborate with. Understanding the driving force behind a career change is crucial, and we aim to align our candidates' goals with companies that can facilitate those aspirations. Whether it's better compensation, improved work/life balance, career progression, or a new challenge, our team, collaborating with 75+ clients, seeks the best fit for each individual. If we can't directly assist, we're committed to referring you to another reputable recruiter or agency.

What words stand out to you? We have surveyed over 100 candidates and below are their primary motivations for seeking a new role.

Motivation for changing roles: Industry, Change, Progression, Career, Role, Opportunity, Interesting, Experience, Growth, Fresh, Salary, Development

Our dedication to your success extends to meticulous interview preparation. Our consultants ensure candidates have a comprehensive understanding of the role, the prospective organisation's culture, and the offered package. Remarkably, 97.5% of our candidates reported a clear understanding of the role and company culture, with 98% having a clear understanding of the organisation.

Another source of pride is the fact that 100% of our candidates found their recruiter to be helpful, supportive, and honest—a true reflection of Fortis Recruitment's values.

As we continue connecting talented professionals with thriving businesses, we encourage candidates to reach out to our team, explore current openings, and take the next step toward a fulfilling career. Your success is our priority, and we eagerly anticipate being part of your professional journey.


*based on 103 candidate responses. 

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